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Howdy! We are set up and ready to bring an outdoor concert to your town, event, parking lot, farm, town square, rodeo, or wherever we can park this thing! We have an independent power source for the sound system and can do anything from an intimate songwriter night, a duo with my wife Amy, to a fun and energetic bluegrassy/rockabilly full band- Monroe SUN (featuring Lisa Grace Horngren, Jerry Webb, and Preston B. Walden).

I want to give a HUGE shoutout to the folks at Music Ranch Montana. The owner of the ranch is also the owner of this truck/trailer rig- Frank Smith and his wife Karen. They presented us with this opportunity to be sort of a traveling extension of the “Music Ranch Montana” family. We are beyond honored and grateful to partner with Frank & Karen, Mark & Annie, and the rest of the Ranch staff to take our music and their vision to wherever we may roam. We hope this inspires curiosity about what’s going on at the Music Ranch there in beautiful Paradise Valley- which is what I consider to be one of the most heavenly places on earth. It’s a stretch between Livingston, MT and the north entrance to Yellowstone.

Not only is the Music Ranch location breathtaking, but the friendly, “welcome to the ranch” family vibe mixed with the great country music perfectly compliments the backdrop of the stunning, snow capped Montana mountains. In this crazy year, we believe that having the ability to do a “mobile concert” is the perfect way for us to bring some music and hopefully happiness to those who can’t attend typical shows because so many venues are still shut down. We are looking for those small towns, local businesses, and individuals that might want do try something like this.
Shoot me a message or text me at (615)509-5372 if you have any questions about how we can bring our show to you!

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